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The latest stories and links from Futurist Gerd Leonhard - Issue #4

Greetings everyone,  here is the next edition of my newsletter - if you enjoy my updates please feel

Humanity Futures and Practical Wisdom, discovered and curated by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

February 1 · Issue #4 · View online
Curated news by Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of 'Technology vs Humanity', Film-Maker, CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. This newsletter zeroes in on Humanity Futures, Technology & Humanity, and Digital Ethics. The future better than we think - we just need to govern it wisely!

Greetings everyone, 
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Gerd Leonhard (Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO The Futures Agency), Basel / Switzerland 

I need your vote: should I stop using Facebook?
The evilfication of Facebook: boiling frogs, faustian bargains, and the pleasure trap: my 10 arguments leaving FB - please take the poll!
Most of your Facebook friends couldn't care less about you (but is that really a new thing?)
Interview with Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap” | EL PAÍS
Real Future TV by Fusion
The Third Industrial Revolution And A Zero Marginal Cost Society - Jeremy Riffkin at DLD
Davos 2016 - The State of Artificial Intelligence (a rather odd discussion but worth watching)
Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world | Gerd Leonhard | TEDxBrussels
The Power of Privacy, a new film presented by Silent Circle
Together We Ride - Jason Silva on Transhumanism
Why is Consciousness so Mysterious? | Closer to Truth
What It's Like To Get Behind The Wheel Of Tesla's Model S
Something funny
Someone tried to rent a blizzard igloo on Airbnb for $200/night
Let Artificial Intelligence guess your attractiveness and age | ETH Zürich & BLINQ dating app #howhot
IoT, Cognitive Business and more
“Internet of Things” security is hilariously broken and getting worse | Ars Technica
Critical IoT reading list via ThingClash
An End to Parking? | Mother Jones
Cognitive technologies in the technology sector (report) - The Futures Agency
Technology and Humanity
Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine
The Happiness Code - The New York Times
The real danger is that we become machines – not that machines will eliminate us!
Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost | Evgeny Morozov The Guardian
The Future of Sports (PDF)
The essential future topics and memes from my 2015 presentations
GerdFeed: Futurist Gerd Leonhard's Best Links
GerdCloud: my public Dropbox folder
'Star Wars' and the coming holographic cinema revolution
What teens are like in 2016 - Business Insider
Millennials Are Starting to Change the Stock Market - Bloomberg Business
And finally:
This is what my new designs look like - all my slides and all my sites will be redone in the next few months. I hope you like them.
The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution (Gerd Leonhard)
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