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Read this before Easter - Gerd Leonhards Futurist Digest (Issue #6)

Greetings everyone, Greetings from Switzerland.  First, my new 2016 show-reel is now online on Youtub

Futurist/Humanist Gerd Leonhard: the latest news, links and assorted nuggets

March 23 · Issue #6 · View online
Futurist and Humanist. Global Keynote Speaker. Author. Film-Maker. CEO of The Futures Agency. Zürich / Switzerland. My focus is on the future of humanity, and my new book on "Technology versus humanity" is available now:

Greetings everyone, 
Greetings from Switzerland.  First, my new 2016 show-reel is now online on Youtube and on my site. It’s a cool 3-minute-15-seconds overview of what I do, and I think you’ll find it quite entertaining. The film is once again produced by my new art director Jean-Francois Cardella.  Please give it a click (and…some Twitter love?) and let me know how you like it. 
So, here are the latest must-reads (it seems, btw, they almost everything I read these days has some kind of techvshuman-angle:)
And after you read this… be sure to enjoy some good offline luxury during the Easter break.
Kind regards

Start with a laugh
"Coping with Humans": A Support Group for Bots
AIs can beat the world's GO champion but... a lipstick robot is still fiction!
Bob Dylan + IBM Watson
Digital heretics
Shoshana Zuboff: Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism (FAZ)
After 20 Years, It’s Harder to Ignore the Digital Economy’s Dark Side (Don Tapscott) HBR
AI, Man/Machine and Deep Learning
Machines That Will Think and Feel - David Gelernter via WSJ
Showdown | The Economist
Where Computers Defeat Humans, and Where They Can’t - The New York Times
Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence (Paul Ford)
Everything You Know About Artificial Intelligence is Wrong
The Guardian view on robots and humanity: passing Go
Is technology the answer for everything? Are we just data or... much more?
The future of work and jobs
A World Without Work - The Atlantic
The a conversation with John Markoff
A Future Without Jobs? Two Views of the Changing Work Force - The New York Times
Welcome To The Post-Work Economy | Co.Exist
Gerd stuff and ... where to catch up
FuturistGerd's keynotes on SoundCloud
The entire 2007 Future Talks DVD: my way-back machine:)
Meet me at the Future of Digital Marketing event in London
Meet me at CMO Gipfel 2016, Heiligendamm DE
Meet me at digital economic forum 4/27 in Zürich
Meet me at PING Helsinki May 13
Should countries have a 'minister of future'? | World Economic Forum
The future of banking and money
The Death of Bank Products has been greatly under-exaggerated — Brett King, Medium
Team Human, Rushkoff and the Google Bus
Douglas Rushkoff’s vision for a new, better world (includes video)
And here's a final goodie:
Watch me in my previous incarnation as guitarist and teacher: the Guitar Concepts video (1991, San Francisco, CA). Online for the first time, ever!
A good thing to remember every now and then.
PS: The Futures Agency as well as my private residence is moving to Zürich April 1st. Please take note.
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