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Greetings everyone, thanks for all the great responses from last week's newsletter! A quick reminder:

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August 15 · Issue #10 · View online
Futurist and Humanist. Global Keynote Speaker. Author. Film-Maker. CEO of The Futures Agency. Zürich / Switzerland. My focus is on the future of humanity, and my new book on "Technology versus humanity" is available now: http://t.co/99XuSFoZvD

Greetings everyone, thanks for all the great responses from last week’s newsletter! A quick reminder: if you need an immediate response from me please be sure to email me directly rather than just hitting ‘reply’ here - or at least change the message-header. Thanks!
Most importantly, in this issue: if you live in London or are visiting on September 8, 2016, please join me for the Technology vs Humanity book launch event at 6pm - see the link below. This will be a great bash, no doubt; and yes, you can buy the dead-tree version of my book right then and there (or pre-order it for Kindle or pre-order bulk via my publisher, now).
Thanks for your time and attention, and I hope you are having a good summer.  If you like this newsletter please use the links below to share it on Twitter and Facebook.
Warm regards from Zürich!
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Join me for the Technology vs. Humanity book launch event in London Sept 8 2016! – Technology vs Humanity: the coming clash of man and machine
Highlights from the new TVH blog
Let’s rewrite the business rules where people matter (via Tim O’Reilly)
Technology vs Humanity: new images via Flickr
Is our brain really just a gigantic machine? Image via lifehacker
The new tech overlords: technology companies are now officially the most powerful entities in the world...
The age of tech: data is TRULY the new oil now!
Will smarter machines cause mass unemployment?
Who Should Control Artificial Intelligence?
10 dystopian scenarios for the future (George Dvorsky)
Gross Domestic Product vs Gross National Happiness (GDP vs GNH) –
Other good reads
Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus - Rushkoff
Facebook Is Not a Technology Company - The Atlantic
GDP Is a Wildly Flawed Measure for the Digital Age
Artificial Intelligence Will Redesign Healthcare - The Medical Futurist
And finally… some wisdom!  Thanks for reading.
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