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Futurist Gerd Leonhard's latest findings, links and thoughts - Issue #61


Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Twice Upon a Time - and more good stuff to read and watch

September 19 · Issue #61 · View online

This monthly newsletter features the best finds, links and videos curated by Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of 'Technology vs Humanity', Film-Maker & CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. Topics: Technology/Humanity, AI, Climate, The Good Future and more.

Hi everyone, here are my best links and finds from the past few weeks. Sorry for the rather quiet period during the summer but it’s been very busy around here with the first real-life gigs happening again ( 👉see this special newsletter-subscribers-only video of my keynote at IAAMobility on Sept 9 🤖) and a ton of online speaking gigs, and of course some nice family vacation time in-between, as well.
Thanks for staying connected and keep up the hope in these difficult times! The Future is Good - we just need to make the right choices, today.
Gerd Leonhard aka FuturistGerd,
Zurich / Switzerland

Climate Change
Vogue Scandinavia - Read Greta Thunberg's Vogue Scandinavia cover interview: Greta on activism, Trump and becoming the voice of a generation
Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production, study finds | Meat industry | The Guardian
Opinion | Worrying About Your Carbon Footprint Is Exactly What Big Oil Wants You to Do (NYT)
"Nothing is moving": Only one country in the world has submitted plans that will mitigate climate change by 2030, watchdog finds - CBS News
The IPCC climate change report makes it hard to feel optimistic - Axios
Opinion | The Bad Economics of Fossil Fuel Defenders - The New York Times
The World’s Sustainable Development Goals Aren’t Sustainable at All
Great resource: Climate Implications — RethinkX
💡 Made me think! The Secret Diary of a ‘Sustainable Investor’ by Tariq Fancy | Aug, 2021 | Medium
Three ways Singapore is designing urban farms to create urban food security
👍👍 Kim Stanley Robinson: Remembering climate change ... a message from the year 2071 | TED Talk
Ursula von der Leyen
When it comes to climate change and the nature crisis, Europe can do a lot.

But we cannot do it alone. Every country has a responsibility!

Europe is ready to do more. We expect our partners to step up too, on the road to @COP26.

Why Covid-19 is a Test Run for Climate Change: A Carbon Tax and Other Unthinkable Green Solutions
American CEOs make 351 times more than workers. In 1965 it was 15 to one | Indigo Olivier | The Guardian
Globalization Strikes Back | by Richard Haass - Project Syndicate
Believing in the good of humanity is a revolutionary act: Rutger Bregman - The Hindu
What if Humans Just Can’t Get Along Anymore? - The New York Times
"Vaccine Apartheid": Unfair Distribution Hampers Global Vaccination Drive - DER SPIEGEL
Purpose is the new Product
CEO Purpose Report | Brandpie
Our World Is Changing, But Building Trust is Timeless: How PwC is Meeting the Future Today
Embracing Worth Beyond Wealth: Who Is Worthy Now? - Worth
"...In the future we're going to need to think wider, to think beyond profit and growth..."
Digital Ethics
It’s hard to be a moral person. Technology is making it harder.
AI will change the study of psychology - The Mail & Guardian
Microsoft, Facebook and everyone else are building the metaverse. Will you want to live there? - CNET
Gerd Leonhard
Why the ‘metaverse’ will prove to be more than a buzzword imho #facebook is a lot better at “datafying” then unifying anything ;(
A.I. Can Now Write Its Own Computer Code. That’s Good News for Humans? Says The New York Times
☔️ The Ministry for the Future: A Novel: Robinson, Kim Stanley
The Exponential Age will transform economics forever | WIRED UK
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EuroSkills 2021 Graz 2021 Live on Stage:::)
My latest Keynotes and Films
💡ALU FUTUREFEST Keynote. Africa: Digitisation, Decarbonisation, Democratization
#Futurist Gerd Leonhard Keynote 'Brave New World' at Social Innovations Forum 2021 Moscow (ENGLISH)
The Good Future Film: Futurist Gerd Leonhard (English subtitles). Released July 20, 2021 on Vimeo
🤟The Good Future Film on Vimeo: Download all sub-titled versions here!
Special release! From Efficiency to Resilience - Building Future-Ready Organizations: Gerd Leonhard
How did I become a futurist - what does that actually mean?
Think: Roland Berger Act Magazine “The Unknown” A brief history of predicting the unpredictable
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