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Futurist Gerd Leonhard's latest: Beyond Covid, New Optimism, 2021 Explained (Issue #49)


Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Welcome to the Future - my best finds and shares

February 9 · Issue #49 · View online

This monthly newsletter features the best finds, links and videos curated by Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of 'Technology vs Humanity', Film-Maker & CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. Topics: Technology/Humanity, AI, Climate, The Good Future and more.

I hope you are doing well. As fed up as I am with the never-really-leave-home-or-meet-anyone reality that’s now the new default here in wintery Zurich, I do think we are now finally progressing towards a With/Beyond-Corona World, with multiple and parallel ‘New Normals’ certain to cause considerable confusion and creative chaos in this coming year.
The bottom line is that yes, this pandemic will become manageable, but it won’t ever really disappear. And the next really big challenge is already here: Facing the climate change emergency just like we are facing the virus, with emergency actions, sacrifices, new rules, new technologies and unprecedented (if not always voluntary) collaboration.
!! Covid-19 is just a test-run for climate change !!
We need to embrace the fact that there is no going ‘back to normal in terms of how we’ll look at life, business and society, going forward. Our mindset has changed irrevocably. Sure, we’ll (hopefully) go back to bars and restaurants and will even contemplate some business travel again - but the entire context i.e. why, when and how has changed.
The real question is: Where do we go from here? Where do we want to go? We must ask ourselves what kind of future do we want (not just what kind of future we can have), because the good old “Normal” also included those nasty externalities of Friedman-esque capitalism such as inequality and global warming. No - NORMAL wasn’t good enough. And now, this question of ‘where do we want to go’ requires a unified response - at least in broad strokes.
I believe that right now we have a very unique chance to change and define a new path for ‘the good future’. So, ‘we will have all the tools - now we need the telos (the will and the wisdom)’.
Below are some of the best things I’ve been looking at in the past 7 days. Enjoy, stay safe, and be well, and ping me anytime if you need something.
Greetings from Zurich

Exclusive sneak preview of my new series "What to Expect in 2021": Automation and the Future of Education, Work and Jobs
Announcing My Brand-New 2021 Speaking Topics: Beyond Corona, The Good Future, and Awesome Humans!
Time to get serious about climate change
The pandemic taught us how NOT to deal with climate change | MIT Technology Review
Greta Thunberg’s message to the Davos Agenda (spoiler alert: she's angry)
The With/PostCorona Future
We May Never Eliminate COVID-19. But We Can Learn to Live With It
Israel’s Covid Vaccination Results Point a Way Out of Pandemic - The New York Times
Optimism About the World and the Future
TIME's 2030 Committee Offers 8 Solutions for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future
How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics - FT
Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Others: We Need Multilateral Cooperation for Global Recovery
Steven Pinker Makes the Case for Optimism [Interview]
Other Must-Reads
Reimagining the Platform Economy | by Mariana Mazzucato, et al - Project Syndicate
Cook v Zuck - Apple’s privacy policy kicks Facebook where it hurts | The Economist
Must-read: ARK Investments Big Ideas Report 2021, my highlights and comments on AI, DL,VR, Battery Tech etc
Superstar Cities Are in Trouble - The Atlantic
On Tech: The auto revolution is here
If you have any suggestions for topics I should cover... please send some feedback!
If you have any suggestions for topics I should cover... please send some feedback!
Quote of the week: “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
That is all I have for now, but be sure to check your inbox Tuesday for the next instalment. Until then, have a great and inspiring week!
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