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Futurist Gerd: Issue #46 - Sustainable Capitalism, From Efficiency to Resilience, and more


Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Twice Upon a Time - and more good stuff to read and watch

January 19 · Issue #46 · View online

This monthly newsletter features the best finds, links and videos curated by Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of 'Technology vs Humanity', Film-Maker & CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. Topics: Technology/Humanity, AI, Climate, The Good Future and more.

Hi there!
Greetings from a very snowy Zurich, Switzerland. Between more snow than the city has seen in 15 years which crippled the public transit system and the onset of the most recent lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19’s recent mutations, it has been a busy, crazy time. And if all that wasn’t enough, the world is finally about to get a new US president, hopefully without any more bizarre incidents. Who knows, maybe after tomorrow the ‘Great American Pivot’ that I wrote about in August 2020 will actually be put into motion.
I hope you enjoy this week’s edition, and be well!

Just down the street from The Futures Agency's Zurich HQ (nope not my Suburban)
Just down the street from The Futures Agency's Zurich HQ (nope not my Suburban)
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Must Reads
25 Years Ago John Elkington Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why He Thinks It’s Time to Rethink It.
Reinventing capitalism: a transformation agenda for business | also by John Elkington | Medium
The American Abyss - The New York Times (tough narrative ...but really made me think)
How the EU’s Green Deal survived the coronavirus pandemic – POLITICO
IPSOS 2021 Global Advisor Predictions (some good stats)
READ more, now:)
Books I like and recommend
Some select Gerdish stuff
New Video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard Q&A Session at IEEE Global Conference on AI and IoT Dec 13 2020
7 short videos on resilience and agility in the with/post covid world (Futurist Gerd Leonhard)
Awesome Humans on Top of Amazing Technology: My new 2021 speaking topic
A Futurist’s Learnings From The Corona-Crisis, And Some Key Foresights
O primeiro ano do resto das nossas vidas - Dinheiro
Yet, Culture still eats technology for breakfast
Yet, Culture still eats technology for breakfast
That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for reading my newsletter.
Stay safe, happy, and healthy, and remember the future is a) better than we think b) created by us:)
PS. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter: @gleonhard, I share a lot more great stuff there.
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